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Exports Rocksmith 2014 songs to tablature in GuitarPro 5/6 format (either .gp5 or .gpx).

© 2016. Holger Frydrych All rights reserved.

RocksmithToTab v1.0 released - with incremental tab generation

Finally! RocksmithToTab v1.0 is done and ready for download :)

This update fixes a number of bugs, including endless loops and invalid output files that couldn’t be opened in Guitar Pro. Additionally, I improved on the GUI so that it now remembers settings and optionally only processes arrangements that were installed since the last time RocksmithToTab ran. That way, you don’t have to wait for all of the base Rocksmith songs to convert.

If you happen to spot any new bugs, please report them over on GitHub.



As of this release, I’m abandoning SourceForge due to their ad infestation. The downloads can now be found on FossHub. You’ll find binary packages for Windows and Mac there as well as a source code archive. Alternatively, you can grab the source code over on GitHub.